Lintel Replacement

Lintels Are Critical to a Building’s Structural Integrity

Is the masonry surrounding your lintel bowing or sagging? Do you see vertical cracks in the masonry? Is your steel lintel corroding?

Lintels have an important job. Because they often support the weight of various building wall components located above openings such as windows and doors, they play a critical role in a building’s structural integrity.

As lintels age, they can be susceptible to water damage and begin to rust, swell, and deteriorate. Ignore those problems, and you could find yourself dealing with costly damage to your residential or commercial building. 

Recognize the Signs of a Failing Lintel

If you spot the marks of a corroding or weakening lintel, take action. Don’t wait until the surrounding walls become compromised. That’s too late, and you’ll have a much bigger problem on your hands.

Early signs of failed lintels are:

  • Sagging, swelling or bowing of lintel
  • Visible rust on lintel
  • Cracks appearing in the surrounding masonry 
  • Stepped ‘Christmas-tree’ cracking above a window, door or portal
  • Noticeable water damage such as mold, stained walls or peeling paint 

Lintel failure issues are usually a result of:

  • Natural aging
  • Improper installation
  • Sub-par materials
  • Lack of flashing
  • Weather-induced deterioration
  • Physical damage from an outside force such as motor vehicle impact

Proper maintenance and care of your steel and masonry lintels is crucial to guaranteeing the structural integrity of your walls. When you see signs of a problem, it’s time to call a professional.

Why Choose Dry Building Solutions

Dry Building Solutions was founded and is operated by Charles Farrell, a second-generation waterproofer with over 50 years of experience. He’s a native New Yorker with unrivaled expertise in effective waterproofing and building restoration.

Charlie and his team have worked on hundreds of lintels on all types of structures throughout the metro New York area, New Jersey and Connecticut. We’ve installed lintels in new commercial buildings as well as replaced lintels in historical landmarks. Our crews are well-trained in all types of lintel installations, and we use only the highest quality products. We’re licensed, OSHA-certified for compliance with all safety regulations, and fully insured.

If you think your lintel could be failing, Dry Building Solutions can help. We’ll evaluate your residential or commercial building and determine whether a repair or replacement is the best course of action. We’ll also inspect and, if necessary, repair the wall above the lintel to ensure it’s functioning properly to prevent future problems.

Contact Dry Building Solutions to:

  • Install, repair and replace lintels for commercial buildings
  • Work with steel, stone, brick and wooden lintels
  • Replace lintels for doors, windows and garages
  • Thoroughly inspect and repair surrounding masonry
  • Handle every project with care and attention to detail

Get a Free Estimate

Think you need a lintel repair or replacement? Contact us at Dry Building Solutions. We’ll come to your commercial building and inspect the lintels to determine the extent of damage. We’ll then provide you with a no-obligation estimate.