Gunite Pool Crack Repair

Pool Cracks and Leaks Spell Trouble

Do you see cracks in your concrete pool? Is the tile loose, missing or cracked? Has your water bill been higher than usual, suggesting you might have a leak?

Any of those issues in a gunite or concrete pool can be a warning sign that something more serious is going on beneath the surface. Whether a residential or commercial pool, cracks and leaks should be repaired to prevent further damage and preserve your pool’s structural integrity.

Dry Building Solutions offers practical, proven and affordable solutions to permanently repair leaks and structural cracks in the pool’s floor or walls. In many cases, we can do the repairs without having to drain the pool.

We use both low- and high-pressure injection of polymer resins to fill cracks of all types and widths and preserve the integrity of the concrete. Polymer resins are flexible and protect against re-cracking. We also apply carbon fiber straps to reinforce walls and distribute the stress load away from the compromised area to protect against the formation of new cracks.

The Right Expertise and Equipment

The team at Dry Building Solutions has worked on residential and commercial pools, spas, hot tubs and fountains and knows what to look for in diagnosing the problem. Our leak detection specialists are well-trained in finding and repairing leaks.

While many contractors claim to do pool work, few have the high-end equipment that’s critical to quality pool renovation and repair. Dry Building Solutions has the rotary concrete drills, compressors, injection ports, injection needles and grinding equipment necessary to provide meticulous workmanship.

Additionally, we have top-of-line, three-stage HEPA vacuums that clear out the dust created by concrete grinding. We meet and exceed all dust containment guidelines set by OSHA and New York City, among the toughest in the country.

Dry Building Solutions is licensed, OSHA-certified for compliance with all safety regulations, and fully insured.

Why Choose Dry Building Solutions

You’ve invested a lot in building a pool, so maintaining it is important. Work with a company that’s been repairing pools for decades and stands behind every pool repair we do with a warranty on all work.

Dry Building Solutions was founded by Charles Farrell, a second-generation waterproofer with over 50 years of experience. He’s a native New Yorker with unrivaled expertise in effective waterproofing.

Contact Dry Building Solutions to:

  • Inspect fissures in your pool or fountain to determine whether they’re surface or structural cracks and recommend best course of action
  • Repair the walls or floor of your gunite pool, spa, hot tub or fountain
  • Strengthen the concrete to provide reliable, long-lasting performance
  • Find and repair any leaks
  • Handle every project with care and attention to detail

Get a Free Estimate

Is your pool in need of repairs? Contact us at Dry Building Solutions. We do gunite and cement pool repairs throughout metro New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut We’ll come to your location, perform an inspection of the pool and provide you with a no-obligation estimate.