Green Roofing

Grow Plants Up High

Green roofs, also referred to as roof gardens or living roofs, have seen a surge of interest in recent years, gaining acceptance for their environmental value. They’re known for their ability to:

  • Save energy
  • Minimize garden runoff
  • Provide outdoor sound deadening
  • Improve air quality and the environment
  • Provide additional natural living space

A green roof system can be placed on new construction or added as an extension to an existing roof structure. It’s like adding an extra floor to your property but at a fraction of the normal cost.

It may vary in style, vegetation, weight capacity and type of drainage. However, in order to maintain the structural integrity of the roof, all green roofs need quality waterproofing, a drainage system and root repellent.

Correct Installation and Maintenance

To be safe, functional and sustainable, green roofing systems must be installed correctly. You’ll want to choose a roofing contractor with experience in the industry.

Done right, your eco-friendly, green roof should be easy to maintain and resistant to punctures and tears. It should stay clean and weather well, repelling mold, mildew and algae growth. With proper installation, you can expect your green roof to last 10-20 years or longer.

Why Choose Dry Building Solutions

With over 50 years of experience as a second-generation waterproofer, Charles Farrell founded and operates Dry Building Solutions. He’s a native New Yorker with unrivaled expertise in effective waterproofing for all types of products including roofs.

Dry Building Solutions is a certified applicator of green roofs on commercial and residential buildings. Our roofing team had been trained on the products we use by Carlisle SynTec Systems, a leader in the roofing industry for over 50 years.

We offer Carlisle’s diverse line of traditional and modular roof garden systems, as well as a wide variety of vegetation accessories to fit your project’s design aesthetics. From pavers to flashing to drains and more, we have everything you need to make your roof garden complete.

All of the green roofs we install come with Carlisle’s best-in-class warranties, protecting the roof garden components as well as the underlying roofing system.

Dry Building Solutions is licensed, OSHA-certified for compliance with all safety regulations, and fully insured. Our knowledge of roofing systems combined with our unrivaled waterproofing expertise enables us to provide you with the highest quality products and service.

Commercial clients choose Dry Building Solutions for our:

  • Years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining green roofs
  • Capacity to work on large commercial buildings (factories, hospitals, hotels, etc.)
  • Proven track record for solving water-intrusion issues
  • Expertise in waterproofing new and old structures

Get a Free Estimate

Contact Dry Building Solutions to install or repair your green roof. We service businesses throughout metro New York (Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester County, etc.), New Jersey and Connecticut. We’ll come to your location and provide you with a no-obligation estimate for your garden roofing project.