Here’s what our clients are saying…

Ashe Stadium Domestic Water Tank Repair:

The expedited and successful completion of Ashe Stadium Domestic Water Tank Repair-Recoating at the Billy Jean King National Tennis Center (USTA) was the direct result of the timely cooperation and responsive actions undertaken by Dry Building Solutions (DBS) and your teamwork with the USTA’s electrical and plumbing contractors.

The Ashe Stadium Domestic Water Tank Repair-Recoating was a project which was initiated during January of 2020. The Penetron product was a class of potable water tank coatings less typically used but much more suitable for the conditions of the existing 25-year-old cast concrete tank. This penetrating polymer was more suited to assure long term sealing of minor crack leakage around tank penetrations.

However and without other NYC installations of this product for domestic water tanks, verification of performance was required. Through your assistance during the early, difficult COVID-19 period, we were able to contact facility managers at municipal and regional water treatment authorities to assure the suitability for the Ashe Stadium Domestic Water Tank Repair-Recoating

When the project was approved, the 6 week schedule was met through the DBS expedited pre-application preparations, subsequent coating removal, crack repairs and coating application/curing. This on-time provision of services assisted in enabling successful use of Ashe Stadium for the 2020 US Open.

As the project manager and principal in charge for Geiger Engineers, I was very satisfied with the performance and responsiveness of Dry Building Systems. I look forward to further projects with DBS.

Asphalt Greene, Upper East Side Campus Aqua Center:

My name is Frank Scanlon. I am an Associate here at CTA architects P.C., having been in their employ since 1995. In that time, I have personally worked on hundreds of buildings and properties, many exhibiting significant deterioration and/or water penetration issue.

To that end, I am pleased to recommend Mr. Charlie Farrell and his firm, Dry Building Solutions for your water mitigation issues. I recently had the pleasure to work with Mr. Farrell at the Asphalt Green, Upper East Side campus Aqua Center. In the execution of a interior redecorating and remodeling of their cellar level changing areas, severe and unanticipated sub grade seepage was uncovered, exacerbated by incoming tides from the adjacent tidal East River. We were brought in to consult on the issue and worked with Mr. Farrell to correct the conditions, allowing the remodeling to be completed, and the facility to return to full function.

Mr. Farrell’s knowledge of his subject and materials was very impressive. He was able to suggest products I had personally encountered previously, and ultimately, was successful in curing the issues. I recommend Dry Building Solutions.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to call. Please feel free to explore our website for further information on CTA: https://www.ctaarchitects.com/

Penetron Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing:

I am writing this letter as a recommendation for Charles Farrell and his company Dry Building Solutions enthusiastically, because I have had the pleasure of seeing the quality of his work first hand.

Dry Building Solutions is an applicator of Penetron crystalline concrete waterproofing and durability-enhancing products and has successfully installed our products on many projects. Even in areas where he has much experience, Charlie approaches a process with humility and is always looking for ways to improve. I’ve seen him work hard to please his customers and perform the task at hand quickly, professionally and cost effectively.

In an industry where a manufacturer’s success depends on the installation of its products as much as the inherent quality of the products themselves, I wholeheartedly recommend Dry Building Solutions.

White House Owners Corp. Roof Replacement:

DryBuilding Solutions/Mr. Charles Farrell was brought to our attention by our retained Architectural/Engineering Firm to bid on our roof replacement.

The WhiteHouseOwnersCorp (WHOC) Board of Directors manages 7 connected buildings containing 84 units. The roof which was replaced by them as the successful bidder is 60,000 sq ft with 10,000 sq ft of parapet walls.

They began by removing a number of old incinerators and cladding the remaining 3 bulkheads. As part of this project they replaced roof vents, drains, skylights and emergency hatches- in other words, all components.

They metal cladded all of the parapet walls and added bronze metal coping on the top. This provides greater protection from the elements and is a handsome addition.

The Board of Directors, our staff and Management (as well as a few of the owners who viewed it) consider this new roof as being a thing of beauty.

We are extremely pleased with the quality of the work: all time lines and goals were met; and we all had only positive interactions with the DryWell staff. They were considerate and aware of the noise factor and the disruption that working on a roof creates. Their attitude and competence impressed everyone.

We can only offer the highest praise for this very professional contractor.

Residential EIFS Repair:

Recently my husband and I contacted Charles Farrell of Dry Building Solutions to help with a major EIFS job on our home.

Mr. Farrell initially gave us a quote based upon what we all thought was a simple EIFS repair. But when removing the walls, he uncovered rotted wood, beams that held up the decks with only a few screws, and in general a job that went well beyond normal EIFS installation. No other contractor would have been able to do what Mr. Farrell was able to do. Because of his years of experience in the construction industry and at Dry Building Solutions, he systematically re-constructed the entire house with new walls, doors, deck sliding glass doors, windows, deck railings and more.

Most contractors would have walked off the job but Mr. Farrell prevailed under very difficult summer weather conditions, time constraints, and issues such as a large wall of glass that had to be totally removed and re-designed. Mr. Farrell and his team were relentless in ensuring that every new wall, and every new design was installed properly. He also came up with some creative solutions to the front of our house wall, solved issues with water drainage, and even made our upper deck viewable to water by designing a new side deck view and cutting down nearby trees that obstructed the view of a nearby marina.

When we went to re-list our house, it sold quickly and we are grateful to Charles Farrell and his team for their dedication, unparalleled expertise, and creative solutions to an EIFS job that no other contractor could have done in such a professional manner that Dry Building Solutions was able to do.

Thank you, Mr. Farrell.

Specialized Grout Injection For Foundation Water Restoration:

5 stars!

Dry Building Solutions resolved addressed multiple water restoration issues at my building. Challenges with water backup resulted in chronic leaks in walls and sub-floor. Dry Building Solutions, was professional, prompt clean and organized, and completed the work very well.

They bring specialized techniques for grout injection to address the problem once and for all. After 12 months, no water issues have returned to my building foundation.

De Neef® Chemical Grouts Certification:

Please allow this letter to serve as certification that Dry Building Solutions Inc of 845 3rd Avenue, NY, NY 10022 is an approved applicator of De Neef® Chemical grouts.

We have a successful history of working with Dry Building Solutions Inc. for at least the 5 past consecutive years.

I have reviewed the submittal package and find that the materials submitted are appropriate for use on this specific project.

I have reviewed and discussed the application means and methods with Dry Buildings and am confident they intend to follow De Neef® application guidelines and will contact us with any questions or concerns that may arise during application.

We will be making periodic site visits throughout the project.

Should anyone wish to discuss this in further detail… feel free to reach out to me.

Chemical Grout Injection Foundation Repair:

Dry Building Solutions has waterproofed 3 wall cracks in my foundation. They used a Chemical Grout injection method that was done from the inside. This eliminated unnecessary exterior excavation that saved me money and a big mess outside. This company is professional and efficient. I would highly recommend them.