Potable Water Holding Tanks

Is your concrete, domestic, potable water tank showing signs of distress? Are you concerned that the tank is leaking? Don’t wait until small fissures become big cracks, putting you at risk of a ruptured tank.

Dry Building Solutions can help. We repair potable water tanks located in Metro New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut, adding many years to the tank’s lifespan.

Safe, Effective Products

Whenever you’re dealing with drinking water, you need to be certain about the safety of your products. The products Dry Building Solutions uses in repairing water tanks are New York State-approved Article 141 by  Water Safety Standards and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Our main chemical product for repairing cracks is Penetron, a non-toxic, EPA-approved, third-generation, crystalline waterproofing admixture.

Penetron reduces concrete permeability by permanently filling microcracks, pores and capillaries. It protects the concrete against water penetration and the effects of deterioration, even under high hydrostatic pressure. Finally, it has the ability to self-seal cracks that develop in the future, greatly extending the lifetime of your tank.

A Proven Process

Repairing water tanks is a complicated, multi-step procedure, one that requires skilled, experienced professionals. Dry Building Solutions follows a highly refined, proven process:

  1. Site inspection – An engineer (or architect ) will identify the cracks and create a drawing to illustrate their location.
  2. Detailed specifications – The engineer, working along with Dry Building Solutions and Penetron, the company supplying the materials, choose the specifications for the repairs.
  3. Remove coating – Dry Building Solutions removes all of the existing coating from the concrete tank’s walls, ceiling and floor in accordance with Penetron’s strict quality control and warranty program.
  4. Remove dust – We use 3-stage HEPA vacuums to remove any dust particles and dirt, which meets the guidelines of OSHA and EPA.
  5. Fill cracks – We repair the cracks by grinding them open and filling them with the selected Penetron products. We follow all of the engineer’s specifications precisely, once again ensuring a quality outcome and full compliance with Penetron’s warranty program.
  6. Coat tank – We carefully apply two coats to the inside of the tank, using a crystalline coating from Penetron. After all of the repairs are complete and inspected by the engineer, we apply two coats to the walls, floor and ceiling. We then keep the coating wet for up to 14 days, which activates the chemical particles in the spores of the concrete.
  7. Safety—We take all of the necessary protocols while on site to ensure the safety of our team and others.

Why Choose Dry Building Solutions

With over 50 years of experience as a second-generation waterproofer, Charles Farrell founded and operates Dry Building Solutions. He’s a native New Yorker with unrivaled expertise
in effective waterproofing for all types of products.

Dry Building Solutions services businesses and residences located in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Westchester County, as well as New Jersey and Connecticut.

Our crews are experts in repairing underground domestic potable concrete water tanks, and we use only the highest quality products in our tank repairs. We’re licensed, OSHA-certified for compliance with all safety regulations, and fully insured.

Request an Estimate

If your concrete domestic water-holding tank is showing signs of distress with small cracks becoming evident, contact us at Dry Building Solutions. We’ll come to your location, determine the extent of problem, recommend the best course of action and provide you with a no-obligation, free estimate.