Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings

Affordable, Clean Energy

The demand for energy is growing while the pool of non-renewable resources is shrinking. Rising costs are inevitable.

If you’re in an industry in which margins are thin and competition is fierce, energy costs directly affect your profitability. Events beyond your control can cause sudden spikes in energy prices, putting unexpected stress on your business.

Rooftop solar panels offer an opportunity to rein in energy costs. They are a proven, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, renewable energy alternative.

Reduce Your Electric Bill

If you have a flat roof, consider adding a solar power system that will significantly reduce or eliminate your business’s electric bill. An investment in solar panels is guaranteed to provide a solid return on investment.

Once the panels are installed, you pay nothing for the electricity they generate from the sun’s rays. If your business is typical, you’ll recoup your investment in the panels and installation in less than 10 years.

Plus, some manufacturers and utilities providers offer rebates that let you recoup some of your investment off the top. Federal and state tax breaks for energy-efficient equipment can also help lower the cost of going solar.

Why Choose Dry Building Solutions

Replacing a roof is the absolute best time to consider installing solar panels. The roof and the solar panels would then have warranties that end at the same time, typically 25 years. 

Dry Building Solutions partners with high-quality solar panel manufacturers. Together we’ll develop a solution customized to your building structure and energy needs. We will ensure your roof is water-tight and that the solar panels don’t block accessibility to rooftop equipment by maintenance personnel. 

Why Choose Dry Building Solutions

With over 50 years of experience as a second-generation waterproofer, Charles Farrell founded and operates Dry Building Solutions. He’s a native New Yorker with unrivaled expertise in roofing and effective waterproofing of structures.

Dry Building Solutions is licensed, OSHA-certified for compliance with all safety regulations, and fully insured.

Commercial clients choose Dry Building Solutions for our:

  • Years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining roofing structures
  • Capacity to work on large commercial buildings (warehouses, schools, hospitals, etc.)
  • Proven track record for solving water-intrusion issues
  • Expertise in waterproofing new and old buildings
  • Ability to provide safe, effective roofing solutions that incorporate solar panels

Get a Free Estimate

Contact Dry Building Solutions to discuss your commercial roofing and solar energy needs. We service businesses throughout metro New York (Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester County, etc.), New Jersey and Connecticut. We’ll come to your location and provide you with a no-obligation estimate on your project.