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Injection Grouting – Strengthen Structures & Stop Water Movement

Prevent Water Penetration

Below-grade water penetration is a serious problem, and unfortunately, one that won’t go away on its own. An effective solution may require blind-side waterproofing, soil stabilization and foundation injections. 

Leaks should be sealed as soon as they appear. Waiting can result in erosion, mold, structural damage and a host of other difficult-to-resolve issues.

Taking fast action is critical, but so is taking the right action. Repairs need to be done correctly. Band-Aid solutions, such as patches and membranes applied on the inside walls or painting the concrete surfaces, may work in the short term, but they don’t solve the hydrostatic pressure issue permanently.

Stop Leaks Before They Cause Damage

Here at Dry Building Solutions, we work with engineers, architects and the injection grouting manufacturer representative to do a full evaluation of the site by probing and doing thermal imaging. 

When we inspect a site and see water coming through cold joints, cracks and other concrete imperfections, we use curtain and bladder injection to seal the leaks thoroughly and permanently. We can also fix cracks that aren’t leaking yet but may one day soon, threatening structural stability.

The product we exclusively use for sealing below-grade leaks at their source are DE NEEF® Waterproofing Injection Solutions. DE NEEF has a variety of polyurethane formulations for a number of different applications, all designed to produce durable and lasting results. At Dry Building Solutions, we use them to:  

  • Repair buildings and infrastructure projects
  • Fortify deep foundations during excavation
  • Do specialized leak repairs
  • Fill hollow areas to stop water infiltration
  • Treat foundations, underground spaces, tunnels, mass rapid transit infrastructure and sewers

We’ve been using DE NEEF products for many years, allowing us to verify their quality performance with our personal experience in the field. 

Every Leak Is Different

DE NEEF products can be applied quickly and reliably to foundations, infrastructure and more to stop leaks. Their portfolio includes different types of single-component, closed-cell, hydrophobic polyurethanes and hydrophilic polyurethanes as well as a variety of two-component urethanes. 

Because no two leaks are exactly the same, we choose the DE NEEF product that’s best suited to the conditions of the individual project. Among the products we frequently use are:

Hydrophoic Polyurethane Grouts:

  • DeNeef CUT PURe – Designed to fill large voids in rock fissures, gravel layers, joints and cracks in concrete structures and for the cut-off of gushing water. 
  • DeNeef SOIL PURe – Increases the bearing capacity of permeable soil and is unaffected by corrosive environments and micro-organisms. 
  • DeNeef CFL PURe – Fills voids outside a structure and in applications with high-pressure flowing water.
  • DeNeef Flex LV PURe – Forms a flexible gasket or plug in joints and cracks in concrete. 
  • DeNeef INJECTOR® PURe – Forms a flexible water-tight gasket in injected joints.
  • DeNeef Flex SLV PURe – Forms a flexible gasket or plug in very tight joints and hairline cracks.

Hydrophilic Polyurethane Grouts:

  • DeNeef Sealfoam PURe – A nonflammable resin designed to form a flexible gasket or plug in joints and cracks in concrete. 
  • HA Multigel NF – Reacts with water to form a water-impermeable, flexible form or gel mass.

Two Component Urethanes:

  • DeNeef ROCK-TITE B3 – A high-density polyurethane foam with density formulated for 15-20 lbs. per cubic foot. 
  • DeNeef ROCK-TITE 6 – A high-density polyurethane foam with density formulated for 6 lbs. per cubic foot. 
  • DeNeef AQUA-TITE – A very fast-reacting foam formulated to stop large flows of water. 
  • DeNeef DENEFOAM 200 – A low-density polyurethane HCFC blow spray foam sealant that can be used to seal and fill voids.
  • DeNeef DENE-LIFT 400 – A rigid foam that develops high compressive strength rapidly to lift slabs. 
  • DeNeef FLOTATION FOAM – A low-density rigid foam for filling in various construction voids and cavities that require a lightweight, fire-retardant foam. 

We’re the Water Leak Experts

Leaks can slow progress on a job site, compromise structural integrity and endanger the future of a building. Dry Building Solutions can fix leaks in: 

  • Foundation walls (commercial and residential)
  • Floors
  • Elevator pits
  • Parking garages
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Underground utilities
  • Dams
  • Tunnels
  • Pipe penetrations

To help you remedy a water intrusion problem, we offer the following services:

  • Pressure grouting
  • Acrylate injection
  • Void filling
  • Crack chasing
  • Curtain wall grouting
  • Polyurethane grout injection

Get a Quote

Nobody plans for a leak, so when one occurs, you need a contractor who can solve the problem quickly and permanently. Contact Dry Building Solutions. We’ll come to your location, determine the extent of the problem, recommend the best course of action and provide you with a no-obligation, free estimate. 


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